Friday, July 25th, 2014


 to Mrs. Hildman's 3rd Grade Math Class- Triad

Digital Day Schedule:

Day 1: PhyEd and Music

Day 2: Inquiry

Day 3: PhyEd and Music

Day 4: Art

Day 5: Media and Keyboarding

* Remember tennis shoes on PhyEd days and media books on Media day.


Welcome to Mrs.Hildman's math class!
Third grade homework goes home on Wednesday nights with the expectation that students will complete that homework by Tuesday the next week. That allows for busy family schedules.  You do not need to return the math homework.  I am asking parents to look over your child's work and correct it with them.  That allows you a chance to see your child's math level.  The work at home is extra practice so I do not need to see it.
Finally, please remember to have your child read at least 400 minutes per month. This is part of the expected homework and it means your child should read on a daily basis. Monthly WEB pages should be sent back to school at the beginning of each month. Thank you for your support with homework!
Please feel free to contact me if you ever have questions or concerns.

When using the math practice link, be sure to have your child change the feedback drop down to on so they will get instant feedback. 


To Contact Mrs. Hildman
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