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ELA--English Language Arts

Welcome to Advanced and Regular ELA! This class is a 90 minute block where we practice English and Reading Skills. If you have questions just click on my Contact Ms. Mertes Link. An extra copy of my Syllabus form, is available on My Documents to Download page for your convenience.  Grades are available for viewing on A-H Connect. I highly encourage all students/parents have a password to A-H Connect. It will give you up to date reports on how your child is doing in class. It will list all assignments and what your child has completed and earned on each assignment.

ELA (English Language Arts) is a combination of reading and writing skills.

The course content for ELA:

  • Reading and describing characteistics of various reading materials including: fiction, such as novels and short stories, nonfiction, such as new articles, editorials, advertisements, and poetry
  • Writing frequently in a variety of forms, developing language skills in vocabulary, sentence variety, grammar and mechanics, and comprehension stragies such as summarizing, note taking, comparing/contrasting, and persuading  
  • Developing skills in speaking, listening, and media literacy


Supplies needed for ELA:
Assignment Book-provided by AMS
Independent Reading Book
Colored Pencils-as needed-may be left in locker


Classroom Assessments: 60%

Classwork and Independent Reading: 20%

Vocabulary: 10%

District Writing Assessment: 10%

To View our ELA 6 Department website click on this link.


Mrs. Mertes 6th Grade


Anoka Middle School Center For the Arts


email: judy.mertes@anoka.k12.mn.us