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  CRMS Volunteer Services Coordinator   763-506-4842                                     Office hours Monday - Thursday  8:00 am - 1:30 pm   barb.sabatke@anoka.k12.mn.us

Remember, to stay current, you will need to complete a new
Volunteer Application form & Criminal Record History Release form
each school year - for each school you volunteer at,
prior to starting any volunteer assignment.
  • Paper Volunteer Application forms may be obtained at CRMS from the Volunteer Services  Coordinator, located in the Community Ed Office OR forms may be opened at left to print.

  Return to Barb Sabatke, CRMS, 11600 Raven St. NW, Coon Rapids, MN 55433.

  • The Criminal Record History Release form is online and can also be reached from the link at left.

  Please be sure to read the Volunteer Handbook



add sunshine to the lives they touch!!

 2014 CRMS Volunteer Opportunities


Thanks to all who have helped in any way this year!

The many volunteers for the MCA testing were much appreciated!

Help needed for a day or two the beginning of each of the next weeks of MCA testing on computers. Bring a book or quiet work and be available to help as needed dudring testing ( walk students to nurse or restroom, etc.)  Please contact me now!

  - - - - 

Turn in your Box Tops for Education – next batch goes in at the end of May!! Thanks to all who helped us earn $1,000 during 2nd trimester!!!

    - - - - 


Fund raiser for H2O for Life  -  Extra adults needed 3:00 - 5:00 April 30th!

    - - - - 


April 28 - May 2

Good time to send a note to a favorite teacher!

If you'd like to says thanks with a treat, please consider sending: Chips, dips, salsa, fruit or veggies to go with pizza on April 29th. [Help needed with set up at 10:30 or clean up at 1:00.]

A dessert or your familiy's favorite treat on April 30th. [Help needed with set up at 9:30 or clean up at 3:00.]

 - - - -   

CRMS Partnership Action Team is looking for new members.

 Help discuss and implement actions to benefit students and staff along with our school goals. Have your voice count in interesting discussion and planning. Get a feel for the building.  Meetings once a month.  

Group consists of Mr. Shaw, Volunteer Coordinator, several staff members and parents.  We are currently talking about communication, conferences, book drive, student organization, academic goals.

Please ask for more information if you are interested!  

Next meeting late May

        - - - -  

Tech Ed classes, help needed watching for safety, following directions, as they build wododen clocks.  Come for one hour, one day, or regularly.

      - - - -

Looking for adults who like to work one on one with students and make a difference in their academic life. Help students with organization skills –  Create "take home", "turn in" / "keep" and "toss" piles, etc. 

Every Tuesday and Thursday during Core, 2:30 - 3:05.  Other times available.

If you are interested in working one-on-one with students for a short while at the end of the day, please ask for more information.

We are also hoping to plan a day and bring in many volunteers at once.

      - - - -

Sewing classes need help with

7th grade boxer shorts NOW as they finish!

Mrs. Saylor 

Day 1: 1:00 – 1:45/1:50 – 2:40 April 23, etc.   Day 2: 1:50 – 2:40  April 22, etc.

Mrs. Halverson

            Day 1 8:25 – 9:14 April 23, etc.                                 Day 2: 8:25 – 9:14 April 22, etc.

      - - - -

Academic Excellence Evening 

  Thursday, May 8 at the high school (Students are invited based on grades for the year.)                

We need help from about 5:30pm-8:30pm - pass out programs (5:30 – 6:00), set-up for the social (6:00 – 6:45), help serve at the social (6:45 – 7:45 / 8:00) and clean up (8:00 – 8:30).

      - - - -

Other Field Trips: There will be several small groups doing field trips – they tend to chose first from those with Volunteer Forms already on file. FYI: End of the year trips typically do NOT take chaperones.

 - - - -

June 10 is the Student Talent Show!   It’s always amazing to see what middle school kids can do!

We need help with several tasks and schedule in shifts of about an hour, as they present once for each grade level.  Greeters out front to sign in visitors and direct them in – then time to watch the show.  “Crowd control” in the back with students who are awaiting their turn to go on – sign up with a friend.

- - - -

* LABELS FOR LEARNING are collected year round.

Next batch is mailed February 28th.

Proceeds used to support Field Trip Scholarships

and other needs for CRMS students.

Please label bag with student's name, 20/20 and amounts.

Box Tops for Education - trimmed (cut, count) - 10¢ each!

Campbell's labels - UPC ONLY PLEASE

Tyson A+ labels are worth 24¢ each.

  *Turn them in at Community Ed Office   *Students turning in 25 items or more will have a chance at some drawings!
- - - -
Feed My Starving Children
We have had many small groups using this facility for trips this past year. Many of you have already been involved through CRMS or other groups and are familiar with their process. If you are interested in being contacted specifically for this opportunity with various groups, please let me know.
- - - -

If you can help our staff and students please contact:  

Barb Sabatke  CRMS Volunteer Services Coordinator 

763-506-4842 barb.sabatke@anoka.k12.mn.us

Remember you will need to complete a new Volunteer Application Form and
Criminal Record History Release Form for each school you volunteer in each school year.

Thanks so much for all of the ongoing work in classrooms, and with all of the fall projects.  We couldn't have done it all without your help!

Each of you has your own personal preferences and talents and a unique schedule of availability, yet almost 1,000 hours of time was given by volunteers to help make many facets of the first trimester go more smoothly for CRMS.  It is an amazing process and every hour is very much appreciated!!!  You help make our volunteer program here at CRMS an exceptional one!!


Parents and community members are encouraged to be involved as CRMS volunteers. We need help with cutting labels for education, assisting in classrooms (tech ed, sewing, reading), with field trips, and much more. We have opportunities before, during and after school, as well as some at home projects.



Our school earns 40% of all paid magazine orders! Available on line through out the year at GASCHOOLSTORE.COM (school code is 2501930), you may place an order to benefit CRMS at any time. (Student prizes for Sept. / Oct. sales only)

Subscription questions: 1-877-289-6247

From District #11 Parent Involvement:

Do your kids seem uninterested in books? PIRC (Parent Involvement Resource Center) has books that can help you get them connected to books they can't put down.

*Let's Read about Finding Books They'll Love to Read, by Bernice E.Cullinan

* Great Books about Things Kids Love: More Than 750 Recommended Books for Children 3 to 14, by Kathleen Odean

The PIRC is open most school days:   8:30 AM - 4:00 PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:00 AM - 2:30 PM on Tuesday and Thursday.  

Use our self-service cart after office hours! The PIRC is located at the Anoka-Hennepin Staff Development Center,

2727 N. Ferry St.  Anoka, MN 553303   763-506-1567


April 5, 2013

National Volunteer Recognition Week is April 21-27.  It’s a week for many special “thank-yous” in Anoka-Hennepin school district– over 10,000 volunteers contributed over 183,000 hours of work in Anoka-Hennepin schools last year! 

Thank you to our strong band of community members coming to schools every day, helping students and staff. Volunteers help students one-on-one with reading or math; lead groups of students; help coordinate school-wide reading programs; share information about work life and careers; help with clerical tasks; assist with coaching sports and academics; and make many other meaningful contributions that improve student learning. 

Thank you to our terrific Anoka-Hennepin community– one that actively supports our children and youth by giving time and talent– through the tough times and the good times.  Thank you to Anoka-Hennepin Volunteer Services staff who are committed to keeping the doors open for this concerned community, not only to see our schools in action but to be an important part of the action.  Thank you to school staff who adjust their activities so that volunteers can make meaningful contributions.

Thank you to many unsung heroes who support others’ volunteering.  Families generously change their schedules and activities so that parents, grandparents, sons and daughters can volunteer.  Community members work together in nonprofits that advocate for and physically and financially help students and schools.  Thank you to faith communities who step forward and help meet families’ basic needs in these tough times so that their children can be ready to learn.  Finally, thank you to PTOs, PTAs, booster clubs, Anoka-Hennepin Educational Foundation, local businesses and other friends of public schools who work tirelessly and cooperatively so students receive quality education and activities.  In particular, PTOs and PTAs give critical financial support to the Volunteer Services program so that the doors of our schools can be open for the community.  They volunteer so that others can volunteer.

There’s a lot to celebrate in Anoka-Hennepin during National Volunteer Recognition Week!


Sue Archbold, Anoka-Hennepin Volunteer Services Supervisor

Linda Rodgers, Anoka-Hennepin Parent Involvement Coordinator

  5th Grade Parents
 If your student is moving on to Coon Rapids Middle School next fall, please consider coming along as a volunteer!  Our opportunities may look a little different but many projects cannot be done without volunteer help.  We can work around students who aren’t sure they want to see you there and work with you if your student wants you close by!