Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Savvy Sensors

Blaine High School - Blaine, Minnesota

ISTF Project #09-2042 was devolped in response to the 2009-2010 Internet Science and Technology Fair.   

NCT-Catergory: Environmental Quality
Sub Catergory: Environmental  Monitoring

The focus of Savvy Sensors is to provide a cleaner, safer world to live in by providing new toxic waste  sensing technology.

Problem :
Most people in modern society are unaware of what they toss in the trash can. Toxic materials end up in our landfills because of careless disposal. These reckless actions are causing or environment to diminish around us.

Solution :
Environmental monitoring is a great solution for this problem. By installing a smart senor within each trash can, we can cut out toxic materials from going into landfills. Toxic materials such as batteries will then be properly recycl