Welcome to all volunteers, staff, and students to the 2012-2013 school year at Adams Elementary!  


The Parents Advisory Council (PAC) is an important part of the Adams Elementary community. It consists of parent volunteers and school staff. The PAC helps provide funding for programs as well as organization for various activities throughout the school. Some of the recent "big ticket" items the PAC has funded include the new Promethean Boards in 4th grade, 5th grade as well as the media center. The PAC helps teachers outfit their classrooms through Needs and Resources funds so they are not spending their personal money. The PAC also provides funding help for field trips and naturalists for the Mississippi River Park in our backyard. The Accelerated Reader program, put together through parent volunteers, is one of the few in the Anoka-Hennepin district.  


The major source of funds for the PAC is the autumn Innisbrook catalog fundraiser and the spring Butter Braids pastry and Heggie's Pizza sales. Numerous other activities also raise money. For example, we will have school restaurant nights, and we are collecting Kemps Nickels for Schools milk caps, General Mills Box Tops For Education, and Campbell's Labels For Education.  


Parent volunteers, organized by the PAC, help put on the special events at the school: "Turkey Olympics", "Kids only shopping", "Sock Hop", and the very popular Spring Carnival.  


None if this works without parent volunteers willing to spend time here and there at school activities. Not all parent volunteers work at every event, and not all participate in every PAC meeting. However, every volunteer counts. Volunteers are welcome in the classroom and school during the day, as well as after-school activities.  


PAC meetings are a unique opportunity to have access to the principal, teachers, and district staff. All parents are welcome to participate and all views will be heard.  


We all are working to make sure that Adams is still the best place to be. We are hoping, as parents, to find Adams to be the place we want to send our children to school. As teachers and support staff, we are hoping to find Adams to be the place where we want to work. As students, we are hoping that Adams provides us with the best possible experience. Together we all want to be a community that is doing the best it can for our children, as we all are doing this for them.  


"Little things make big things happen."   John Wooden  



Parent Advisory Council Contacts:


 Sara Smith 651-343-5196 myrolla26@msn.com
 Nicole Battles  nicole.battles@gmail.com
 Susie Griffith 763-330-0448 susiek@usfamily.net
 Amy Sullivan 763-717-6986 rustonsullivan@msn.com
 Susan Bauer  susan.bauer@anoka.k12.mn.us
Adams Volunteer Coordinator  
 Adrienne Shrunk 763-506-1625 adrienne.shrunk@anoka.k12.mn.us

Useful links:

Adams PAC Email address: AdamsPAC@gmail.com

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