Mrs. Boehlke's Honors Intermediate Algebra
Course Syllabus

Welcome! I am extremely excited about this school year and I am dedicated to doing my best to helping each child have a positive mathematics experience.


High School Credit Information:

* Your child is taking this Honors Intermediate Algebra math class for high school credit.
* Not only do students receive high school credit for the class, the grade they receive for the course goes on their high school transcript and is used when figuring out their high school grade point average (GPA).
* Even if the course is repeated at the high school level, this grade still stays on their high school transcript.

My Expectations:

* Students will respect each other's right to learn.
* Students will arrive to class on time and come prepared.


Students will be assessed on homework, class work, and projects, which will be worth 5% of their grade.  Quizzes and tests will be worth 85% of their grade.  The District Trimester Summative Assessments will be worth 10% of their grade.  All assignments are due the next day.  Late work will be accepted. 

Since Honors Intermediate Algebra is an above grade level course for 7th and 8th grade students and critical for laying the foundation for remaining high school mathematics courses, it is strongly recommended that any student who does not demonstrate proficiency repeat the course.  This would be based on common assessment performance (not demonstrating proficiency of 70% or higher on both of the Intermediate Algebra District Trimester Common Assessments) and teacher recommendation based on classroom assessment data.

Grading Scale:

If you have registered with A-H Connect, you are able to access your child's grades on-line. The grades you see on-line will be current as I update grades daily.
A ~ 90-100%
B ~ 80-89%
C ~ 70-79%
D ~ 60-69%
F ~ Below 60%

Required Materials:

* District Workbook $10.00 (OPTIONAL)
* Textbook
* Pencil and pen
* 3-ring binder
* Loose leaf graph paper  OR  Graph paper notebook
* Loose leaf notebook paper  OR  Notebook
* Students are encouraged to purchase their own graphing calculator.  Anoka High School
   recommends a TI-84 Plus.
* Estimated time to be spent on homework each night = 45 minutes

Intermediate Algebra Units

* Linear Programming
* Functions
* Exponential Functions
* Situations That Can Be Modeled With Parabolas
* Solving Quadratic Equations
* Square Root Functions and Radical Expressions
* Polynomial and Cubic Functions
* Absolute Value Functions

* Please feel free to contact me via e-mail or telephone at any time with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.