Parents Forever™

Parents Forever™ is a research-based educational program designed to help parents through the process of making informed, child supportive decisions during separation and divorce, resulting in healthy children and positive parent-child relationships. Classes are offered year round and consist of two 4-hour classes. Participants MUST attend both classes.

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If you have an Order for Protection or Anoka County In Forma Pauperis, or other special circumstance, you MUST call to register at 763-506-1278.

Parents Forever™ is an educational program developed by the University of Minnesota Extension, based on research about the effects of divorce on children.

Minnesota Statute 518.157 requires judges to court order parents with contested custody and visitation issues into an approved parent education program. Parents Forever™ is an approved program meeting all 25 minimum standards set by the statute.

Anoka-Hennepin Parent Involvement is a provider of the Parents Forever class and is not a part of the Anoka County Courts.