Anoka-Hennepin ISD #11


1353 W. Hwy 10

Anoka,  MN 55303


Course Title:  Junior Achievement Design and Manufacture


Instructor:  Keith Packer, WEH

Voice Mail:  (763) 433-4038 



Course Description:

This is a one trimester course for grades 11-12+ students.  This class is a shop/manufacturing setting which concentrates on building work habits and work skills.  Students produce products using a variety of hand and power tools.  Some products are reproductions, while other may require design/build skills, from preliminary sketches to proto-type to finished product.  Students referred to this program must be capable of learning how to use, operate and /or set up a variety of hand and/or power equipment.  They might work independently or may require the use of adaptive equipment and/or support staff.  Basis math skills and measurement skills will also stressed.

Course Objective:

1.   Exhibit safety principles and safe work habits

2.   Accept constructive criticism and demonstrate appropriate behavior change

3.   Demonstrate professional conduct

4.   Produce quality work

5.   Understand building techniques

6.   Build vocabulary used in the manufacturing  trade

7.   Use measuring and layout tools and be able to measure up to 1/6 of an inch

8.   Use math and problem solving skills

9.   Use hand and power tools

10.  Build good work habits


Course Requirements: 

Good attendance is required.  Much of the class will involve teamwork and hands-on activities which cannot be effective without the student’s engagement.  Work habits and participation will be a major part of the student’s overall grade, so being on time and in class everyday is important.  Students who are absent will be given two days to make-up work.  Students who fall behind and need extra help need to see the instructor.  In case of absence, the student is responsible to call the instructor and for getting all information and/or assignment given out while gone.


Course Evaluation:

Students overall work habits, participation, class projects and assignment will be converted to points and then into a letter grade.  Grades will be determined by the following scale:


A 100%-90%

B 80%-89%

C 70%-79%

D 60%-69%

Below 60% will result in course failure.