The Recess Crew

Johnsville Elementary School   Playground Rules, Game Rules

The Johnsville Elementary School Recess Paras felt it would be helpful for students, teachers, and parents to know the rules that are enforced on the playground as well as rules for the various games that are played here at school.

Inside or Outside Recess? 

Recess paras and office staff constantly monitor conditions throughout the recess block. Recess is always outside unless:
1.   It is raining or extremely wet.
2.   The temperature is 0 degrees or -10 degrees with wind chill.
3.   The recess paras determine that conditions are unsafe due to other acts of nature (i.e. storms, ice) or construction.

Inside Recess

Inside recess is done in the classroom under the supervision of the recess paras and classroom teachers.  Students watch movies, play games, and/or do classroom work.

Leaving For the Playground

When your class is called, line up quietly at the assigned door in two lines. Follow the Recess Para down the hall to your locker to drop off lunch box and grab your coat if needed. This should be done quietly as other classrooms may still be in session. You may than line up at the assigned door to be led out for recess. Weather permitting, you will walk or run the track outside  (once) at the start of recess. A Recess Para will let you know if the track is closed do to standing water or snow. 

Playground Rules

Students are taught our playground rules during the first week of school.  Yes, there are LOTS of rules, however these are necessary in order to ensure that our students are safe and have an enjoyable recess! 

•   Football games are flag only. Tuck in long shirts so flags are accessible.  (See Flag Football Rules).
•   Basketball games are 5-8 players to a team (16 total players). Students may have to play ½ court if the courts are busy.  The upper playground will be off limits if any vehicles are parked there.
•   Playing tag should take place out on the grass and not within the playground equipment area.
•   If a ball goes across the street or into the street, get a Recess Para.
•   Swing area: Please don’t jump off the swings. Students should only be in the swing area if they are swinging. No running between the swings. No twisting or sideway motion on the swings.
•   No running or climbing up the slides. Come down the slide feet first on your pockets. Come down one at a time. No climbing on top of the slide. No jumping from the top of the slide.
•   Climbing Wall: Do not climb right below another child. Do not crawl OVER the wall. Do not jump from the top of the wall.
•   Bikes should be walked on school grounds.
•   No skateboarding.
•   Kick ALL balls on the grass only. Do not kick balls on or near playground equipment.
•   No eating outside. All food and drink should be finished in the lunchroom before coming outside. No gum chewing.
•   Students should not bring anything back into school that they find outside on the playground such as animals or bugs, sticks, wood chips, snow or ice, etc. If you find something on the playground that should not be there, don’t touch it. Instead go tell a Recess Para and they will take care of it.
•   No school or personal items should be brought outside. Keep them in you desk or locker. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
•   No writing on playground equipment. If you find something written on equipment tell a Recess Para.
•   Never pull other students off playground equipment.
•   Stay on the playground! No playing in the lower park or by the sidewalks near the school windows.
•   Tell a Recess Para right away if you see a stranger on the playground without a guest badge.
•   Tell a Recess Para right away of any problem that happens at recess. That’s why they are there. Don’t wait until the end of recess to tell them. They will need time to resolve problems.
•   Tell Recess Para if you need to use the bathroom.
•    Respect others. No bullying, punching, tackling, or using bad language at ANY time.
•   Be Safe! If you are unsure about a situation or playground rules ask the Recess Para, they will be glad to help you.
Special Rules for When We Have Snow 

We live in Minnesota and going out for recess when it’s snowing is part of our everyday lives!  In order to make sure students are safe, please follow our winter rules.

•   No playing/sliding on the ice.
•   No climbing the snow mounds.
•   No throwing, kicking snowballs or ice EVER! Building snowmen and snow sculptures is  permitted and encouraged!
•   There might be rock salt put down to make our sidewalk and playground safe.  Please do not pick it up!
•   Do not try to break ice out of the down spout gutters in front of school.
•   Stay dry! Stay out of standing water or large puddles.
•   All the other recess rules still apply!

Special Rules for Football

Football at recess is a great activity, but players need to make sure they are following our school rules.  We do not have referees, coaches, helmets, pads, or other equipment to keep students safe.  The only kind of football allowed is NON-TACKLE, FLAG FOOTBALL!  Recess paras and school staff will take football away if they believe students are unable to play it safely.   The following rules were taught to students the first week of school:

•   The game begins with a kickoff from a goal line, with all players on the kicking team onside. If it is kicked out-of-bounds (and not touched by the receiving team), it must be kicked over. If repeated, the receiving team gets the ball in the center of the field. The kickoff may not be recovered by the kicking team.
•   A team has 4 downs to score a touchdown or they lose the ball.
•   The ball may be passed at any time unless ball is past line of scrimmage. All players on the field are eligible to receive and intercept passes.
•   A player with the ball is down or caught if one of his/her flags has been pulled off.
•   The ball carrier must make an attempt to avoid the defensive player and is not permitted to run over or through the defensive player.
•   All fumbles are dead at the spot of the fumble. The first player who touches the ball on the ground is ruled to have recovered the fumble. If it cannot be decided who touched the ball first, the offense keeps the ball and starts a new play from the dead ball spot.
•   All punts must be announced. Neither team can cross the line of scrimmage until the ball is kicked. Kick receivers may run or use a lateral pass. They cannot make a forward pass after receiving a kick.
•   If the ball is thrown from behind the line of scrimmage and results in an incomplete pass, the ball is down at the previous spot on the line of scrimmage.
•   No chop blocking below the waist. No excess blocking that causes a player to fall down. NO TACKLING EVER.

If rules are not followed or arguments arise, call on a Recess Para.  They are there to solve problems and keep the game safe. The Recess Para May choose to end the game and can ban football for a determined length of time if students are being unsafe.

Returning to the Building

When the Recess Para blows their whistle indicating recess is over, you will head directly to your assigned door. You will then be lead back into school where you will head to your locker (QUIETLY) to put anything away you may have such as coat, hat, mittens, or boots. You will then go quietly into your classroom.

Discipline/Consequences on the Playground

Recess paras will follow the Johnsville Student Expectation policy. They can issue behavior tickets, assign Thursday School, and remove students from the playground when appropriate.  Major student behavior issues such as fighting or bullying will be referred to the principal, the school social worker, or the building lead teacher.