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 What is AVID?

  • AVID is an acronym that stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.
  • AVID is a nationwide program that places students in advanced classes with rigorous curriculum.
  • AVID is focused on closing the achievement gap and designed to help students succeed and prepare for college.
  • AVID is for all students who have a strong desire to improve their skills and plan for the rigors of college, but it targets those in the academic middle.
  • AVID is driven by the WICR method which stands for Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration and Reading.
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    How does AVID work at CPHS?

    • AVID curriculum is embedded into English curriculum (Honors English or IB English) three days a week.
    • Students participate in tutorial sessions the other two days where they practice teamwork and develop critical thinking skills.
    • The student takes AVID/English the entire school year instead of just one or two trimesters.
    • The curriculum is also designed to encourage organization, time management, good study habits and college-style notetaking.
    • By developing these skills, AVID students have a smoother transition into college and perform at a higher level.


    • Students come to class twice a week with their Tutorial Request Forms (TRF) filled out.
    • The TRF should contain two higher-level questions from any of their current classes.
    • Students are separated into four groups, most often by subject, and begin the tutorial.
    • Each student presents one of their questions and receives academic help from their peers.
    • Students who are not presenting take notes and ask guiding questions in order to help.
    • Tutors facilitate the tutorials and keep students on track.
    • At the end, students write reflections which summarize what was presented, what they learned and who they helped.
    • The AVID student is graded on their questions, overall participation and how well their TRF is filled out.

    Binder Checks

    • Organization and good, college-style note taking are important elements to the AVID program.
    • At the end of every week students submit a select number of notes to be graded.
    • The notes may be from any of their current classes, and they must be in Cornell Note format (see below).
    • The notes are graded on neatness, how complete they are and whether they have a summary.
    • Students also hand in their planners to be checked for use and organization.
    • At random times throughout the year, the entire AVID binder is checked for neatness and organization.

    Cornell Notes

    • AVID students learn to take notes using the Cornell Note format.
    • These are a proven, college-style way of taking notes.
    • Cornell notes are divided into two columns - one larger column for taking notes and one smaller column for writing questions or key words.
    • Notes from lectures or homework are written in the note-taking column, usually consisting of the main ideas and topics.
    • To assist with future reviews, relevant questions or key words should be written in the smaller column beside the notes that were written.
    • At the bottom of the notes, the student should write a brief summary. This helps to increase the understanding of the topic.
    • When studying for a test or quiz, students can review the material by covering up (or folding over) the note-taking column and answer the questions/key words in the other column.
    • Students are encouraged to reflect on the material and review their notes regularly.

    AVID and College

    • One of the main goals of AVID is to prepare students for the rigors of college.
    • AVID has a strong connection in the postsecondary community.
    • Many colleges and universities recognize and support the AVID program, both financially and through an extended AVID postsecondary program.
    • Currently, 14 colleges nationwide participate in a full postsecondary AVID program.
    • Augsburg College in Minneapolis is one of our local colleges that recognizes and rewards AVID students with support and scholarships.
    • For a list of other colleges and more information about AVID postsecondary, visit
    • For a great resource about college scholarships, financial aid, college entrance exams and more, visit

    Top Ten Reasons to Join AVID

    125 CPHS AVID students were polled. Here are their top ten reasons for joining AVID:

    1. Prepares you for college
    2. Helps you become a better student
    3. AVID becomes your school family
    4. College field trips
    5. Great teachers
    6. Amazing discussions and guest speakers
    7. Challenging
    8. Tutors
    9. College scholarships
    10. The class is fun

    What Current Students are Saying About AVID

    • AVID prepares you for the real world. So you are bound to be successful!
    • We are a pretty close, tight-knit class. Like a big, crazy family.
    • AVID has helped me stay organized and get good grades.
    • I joined AVID because I have a goal to do well in school and go to college.
    • AVID helped me see how much I can push myself in school.
    • If you are in AVID, you can accomplish your college dreams!
    • The teachers care about each student individually.
    • AVID has really helped boost my confidence, both academically and personally.
    • AVID is like a family.
    • AVID will make you a better student and help you prepare for the challenges you face.
    • Tutorials and binder checks help you take responsibility for your education.
    • AVID is a place where I can feel comfortable.
    • I look forward to going to AVID every day.
    • AVID really helps you stay focused in your classes.
    • AVID is your home base. Every person in the class cares about your well-being.


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