Dear Parents/Guardians,
Thank you for your hard work supporting your son or daughter
during Semester One.  As we persist through Semester Two, it will be very important for us to work together and be on the same page.  A large building can feel chaotic if everyone isn't working to manage students and hold them to High Expectations.  Please take a few minutes to reinforce the following school-wide expectations to your son or daughter:

1.   Attendance and Timeliness:
  It is students' responsibility to attend school every day, making an extra effort to arrive to each class on time.  Not only are we trying to help students master academic standards, we want to help them develop great life and work habits so they can be successful after high school.

2.   Cell Phones:  Students are not to touch or use their cell phones between 7:45 and 2:25.  Although a teacher may supervise an activity that allows students to use their cell phones for a learning purpose, students are NOT to access or use their cell phones at random or on their own time while school is in session.  Lost or stolen cell phones will not be investigated.

3.   Ipod and personal electronic devices:  If students bring these items to school, they do so at their own risk.  Individual teachers have the authority to ban the use of these devices in their classrooms.  Students may not have an earpiece connected to their ears while teachers are instructing.  Use of these devices while in the classroom first requires teacher permission.  Lost or stolen electronic devices will not be investigated.

4.   Student Attire:  Students are encouraged to dress casual but professional.  Students whose pants are below their bottoms or showing their chest risk being sent home.  We need to work together to make Busts and Bottoms disappear!  Hats and other head gear need to be put on and taken off at the doors or kept in a locker (including those cute knit hats the girls are wearing).  Some of our students are getting sloppy and we need to tighten up.

5.   Students who are in the hall during class time need a pass!  Hall monitors will be asking all students in the halls to show their pass.  Student workers need to be more professional (no wandering, no use of cell phones in house offices, no bringing personal notes to friends in class, etc) or risk being reassigned to Study Hall.  We will be creating a No Pass List for students who abuse the pass system. 

6.   Expellable Offenses:  Fighting or being in possession of drugs once is bad enough.  Any student who chooses to repeat this behavior more than once will be referred to the Anoka-Hennepin School Board for expulsion.

7.   Academic Success: 
Let your son or daughter know that FAILING is NOT an option!!!  Let's start practicing for the 5 x 3 as there will be fewer opportunities to repeat failed classes in the trimester schedule.  Let's encourage students to try their absolute best and as parents, solicit help from teachers, counselors, APS, principal and others when you see your teenager begin to show signs of failure.

Parents and Guardians:  Thank you so much for sharing these important pieces with your children!!!