Monday, July 14th, 2014
 SchoolCenter Picture

SchoolCenter Picture



Class Blogmeister (blogging tools for teachers)

Discovery Channel (information on a number of subjects)  

Destiny (search the library catalog)

EPals Global Classroom (A site connecting classrooms across the globe)

How to order district films (get resources using Alexandria)

Toolbox For Teachers (learn how to best use the Hennepin County Library resources)

Career Center

Campus Tours (online campus tours for a number of colleges)

Language Arts

Children's Digital Library (read children's books in other languages)

Free Rice (great vocabulary builder game)

Grammar Guide (great handouts and free online quizes)

World Wide School Library ( complete library containing everything from fairy tales and poetry to mathematical dissertations and reference material)


Flash Statistic Demos (visual demonstratons to help students understand and manipulate data sets)

Contemplator (listen to folk and other historical music clips)

Social Sciences

Aboard the Underground Railroad (information on sites of the underground railroad)

EconEdLink (economic resources for K - 12 teachers)

FDR Cartoon Archive (political cartoons from the Franklin D. Roosevelt presidency)

Newseum (interact with museum exhibits from throughout history)

Student Engagement

Daily Dose (a dose of some daily websites including word of the day and brain teasers)

Learning in Hand - Podcasts (information on podcasts)

Snopes (check if any rumor is true)

Think Quest (a site for students and teachers to create educational websites)

Word of the Day (fun new words every day)

Virtual Field Trips

Grand Canyon Trip (a log of a trip down the Grand Canyon)

Nine Eight Planets (information about the planests of our solar system)


Exploratorium (set of online exhibits, podcasts, and video options on a number of subjects)

Net Frog (onlnie frog dissection - almost real life and saves an animal)

The Why Files (collection of scientific information behind top news stories)

Cells Alive (videos about viruses, bacterium, parasites, and blood cells)

DNA Interactive (c rafted set of multimedia materials, lesson plans, and other tools to help teach about DNA and genetics)

Stellarium (turn any computer into a 3D planetarium for free)

Science Lessons (science resources for K - 12 teachers)