Tuesday, July 29th, 2014
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  Social Sciences


American Decades

Digital History (extensive collection of primary sources, essays and multimedia)

History Matters (gateway to US History web resources)                  

Gilder Lehrman (portal for American history on the Web)

Key Ingredients (explore how Americans have grown, prepared and  served food throughout history)

National Archives (excellent primary document resource)

Nuclear Files (check out the history of the Nuclear Age)

West Egg (type in money amounts from the past and see what they equal today)

Cultural Studies

American Indian Heritage  (check out online exhibits from the National Museum of the American Indian)

Black Biographies (meet black groundbreakers)

Current Events  

BBC News (up-to-the-minute information on what's happening in the world)

C-Span Clips (video clips from current and historical events)

NY Times Quiz (do you know what's going on in the word)

General national and world news

Google News (news from the world's most reliable sources)


World Factbook (information on all of the World's countries)


Ben's Guide to Government (your key to understanding US Government)

State Government (find out info about each state's government)  


American Rhetoric (famous speeches in print, audio and video)

Harlem Renaissance (discover the creative explosion)

Holocaust Learning Center (explore different aspects of the Holocaust)

Library of Congress (primary doucments related to U.S. history and culture)

Middle East History (learn about the history and culture of the Middle East)

Our Documents (100 milestone documents of American history)

Pearl Harbor Stories (oral histories of Pearl Harbor veterans) 

Supreme Court History (learn about most influential court in the nation)

US Presidents (get facts on the president of your choice)


Freedom Forum (news stories about first ammendment cases)

Landmark Cases (information on key supreme court cases throughout history)

Oyez (case summaries from the U.S. Supreme Court)

World Religions

Digital Gallery (browse through more than 300,000 images)

Encyclopedia Mythica (mythology, folklore and religion)

Mythology (find out why Prometheus is chained to the rock)

World Religions (great site for your world religion research)