Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

SchoolCenter PictureCongratulations to our BHS
Students of the Month!


March 2014 Student of the Month 


Dominic Dang (12) CEMS/Business Ed
Dominic is a phenomenal young man with all the potential in the world.  Not only is he smart, but he is also hardworking, cooperative, helpful and a team player.  Any student knows that they can ask Dominic a question and he will be more than willing to work with them.  We can’t wait to see what the future holds for him!

Jessie Mojeske (10) Social Studies
Jessie is a great student and a better person.  He is quick to greet me when he arrives to class and is always engaged in the day’s lesson.  Jessie works hard in all he does and I know he is going to do good things in his future. 

Rachel Lux (12) Family & Consumer Science
Rachel is an outstanding student who takes great pride in whatever she does.  Rachel also has great character!  I can always count on her for whatever needs to be done in and out of the classes she has taken in FACS.  I just love students who are like her; hardworking, honest, compassionate and will in go for the extra mile to make thing work.

Perry Lee (10) Agriculture
Perry is a quiet yet enthusiastic animal studies student.  He has excelled in Fish and Wildlife Studies with outstanding performance in the areas of Zoology and Ecology.  His interest in Animal Management has him now volunteering at the Animal Humane Society in Coon Rapids.

Brandon Flasch (10) Physical Education
Brandon participated in physical education class this past trimester demonstrating age appropriate gross motor skills.  He demonstrated good sportsmanship while participating in class activities.  He worked well with both students and staff while participating in a variety of class activities.  He gave good effort in all of the class activities.

Matthew Stoehr-Magnuson (10) Career & Technical Education
Matt is currently working in the cafeteria where he is responsible for replenishing the stock of beverages in the coolers.  He demonstrates dependability by exhibiting regular attendance works hard each day and always has a good attitude.

Joel Freecheck (9) English
Joel has been doing an amazing job on the school newspaper for the past month.  He has written many excellent articles, including some movie reviews that have been viewed over 1800 times!  He has worked to redesign the webpage to be more viewer friendly.  He has been instrumental in helping the paper sell the first online advertisement.  Joel Freechek is a rising star in the world of journalism. 

Wish Vue (10) Science
Wish deserves to be recognized as Student of the Month because she is an incredibly hardworking young lady and I have really enjoyed having her in my chemistry class.  She asks great questions, shows depth of thought in her work and is constantly positive and genuine in all that she does.  Wish is going to be successful at anything she attempts because she has the tools necessary for achievement.  It is an honor to be her teacher and I hope that she realizes that she is delightful to have in class and that she possesses a wealth of talents. 

Danielle Woods (11) Health
Only had Danielle in class for a few days but she participates well and brings lots of positive energy.  She is hard working and I can see that she really cares about how she does in class.  She is also a great leader and contributes a lot to the class!!

Mikayla Crosby (12) Music
Mikayla has been an outstanding performer and leader in our band program.