Steps for Project: 1) View works and film of Alexander Calder
2) Select logo / trademark as a resource for creating / finding shapes to use
3) Draw out a 'menu' of shapes derived from what is found by examining the resource selected - alteration of shapes found is also acceptable
4) Pre-sculpture sketches in preparation for selecting a final design
5) Draw & cut shapes to actual size as patterns for tracing - minimum of 5 shapes, maximum of 9 were to be used. Shapes could be repeated more than once.
6) Trace shapes onto black gator board and cut out: Xacto blades and coping saws used for cutting
7) Sand all edges
8) Notch shapes - be careful to keep notches no wider that the material's thickness. Taper the cut of the notches as they go back into the board: 2 notches cut per connection
9) Use Elmer's glue on all connections
10) White foam core used for bases
11) Hanging pieces (mobiles) used bent brazing rods mounted on wooden base and waxed string for support
12) Optional surface decoration allowed using scratched (dry brushed) acrylic metallic paint

Brian H.


Tim S.


David D.


Heidi S.


Ashley F.


Ellen H.


Amanda H.


Billy B.