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State Accountability Systems

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(MCA-II) Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment

The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs) are the state tests that help districts measure student progress toward Minnesota's academic standards and meet the requirements of No Child Left Behind.  The Reading and Mathematics tests are used to determine whether schools and districts have made adequate yearly progress (AYP) toward all students being proficient in 2014.  Science is required for No Child Left Behind but is not included in AYP calculations at this time.

Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA) in Reading are given in grades 3-8 and 10.  In Mathematics they are given in grades 3-8 and 11.  In Science they are given in grades 5, 8, and during high school biology.

Click here for more information and item samplers

Performance Indicator Chart
Expected student performance on the MCA-II assessments in Math and Reading given in the Spring, based on Fall and Spring grade level MAP scores.  (Download at the bottom of this page)  

Alternate Assessments

The assessments developed for general education students do no appropriately measure the knowledge and skills of a small number of students with disabilities on grade-level content standards.  Therefore, to ensure that all students in public schools are fully included in state accountability systems and have access to challenging instruction linked to state content standards two additional assessments have been created. 

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(MTAS) Minnesota Test of Academic Skills

An alternate assessment based on alternate achievement standards, is for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities.

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An alternate assessment, based on modified achievement standards, is for a small group of students whose disability precludes them from achieving grade-level proficiency.

Click here for more information about alternate assessments and item samples.

SchoolCenter Picture (ACCESS for ELLs) Assessing Comprehension and Communication in English State to State for English Language Learners

This test measures students' social and academic language related to listening, speaking, reading ans writing in grades kindergarten through grade 12. the ACCESS for ELL was first given in Minnesota in 2012 but has been given for a number of years in many other states. The ACCESS test is based on academic standards aligned to:

  • Social & Instructional Language
  • Language of Language Arts
  • Language of Mathematics
  • Language of Science
  • Language of Social Studies
Teachers are able to use student results to monitor student progress and growth in English language proficiency comparable to that of their English-proficient peers.

Graduation Required Tests

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Graduation Requirement Assessment for Diploma

Graduation Required Assessment for Diploma (GRAD)
In order to be eligible for a diploma from a Minnesota public high school, students who entered grade 8 in 2005-06 or later have to pass the GRAD tests in writing, reading and mathematics*. Students that don't pass a test the time it is given will retake the test ("retest") until they pass it. 

*State Legislation has a short-term option for the 2010-2014 graduating classes to allow a diploma for students who do not pass the mathematics exam:
  •   Complete all coursework and credits required for graduation,
  •   Participate in district-prescribed academic remediation in math, and
  •   Participate in at least two retests of the Mathematics GRAD or pass the Mathematics GRAD, whichever happens first.
Students must also pass the GRAD Reading and Written Composition as described above.

GRAD Math and Reading Retest Schedule in Anoka-Hennepin

February 4-12, 2014
May 6-14, 2014
July 1-9, 2014

GRAD Writing Retest
April 15, 2014 or April 22, 2014

Students not enrolled in school may contact their high school testing office two weeks prior to the start of the window to sign up for the test or for more information call Brenda at 763-506-1117.

Sample tests can be downloaded below

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(MBST) Minnesota Basic Skills Tests

Minnesota Basic Skills Test (BST)
Students who entered grade 8 in 2004-05 or earlier have to pass the Minnesota Basic Skills Test (BST) in order to be eligible for a diploma from a Minnesota public high school. Students initially took the Reading and Mathematics BSTs in grade 8 and the BST Test of Written Composition in grade 10. Students that don't pass a test the first time it is given will retake the test ("retest") until they pass it.  The students affected by the BST regulations are primarily in grades 12 in 2008-09 school year.

Based on recently passed legislation (2009), students who have not successfully passed a Minnesota Basic Skills Test in each subject by the end of the 2011-2012 school year must pass the Graduation-Required Assessments for Diploma (GRAD).

April 2012 will be the last administration of the BST.  Students who have not passed the BST by April 2012 will need to pass the graduation assessment that is being taken by Minnesota students at the time.

If you are no longer enrolled in an Anoka-Hennepin school, please call Sharon at
506-1116 to get registration information.

Tutoring is available through Metro North Adult Basic Education (ABE)

Metro North ABE is a free program to help adults age 16 years or older (who are not enrolled in a secondary school) develop basic skills; such as reading, writing, math, work skills, English and technology.  Several sites are located in northern Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.

Metro North ABE provides classes year-round during the day and evening.  Teachers are trained to work with adults and all materials are designed to help the adult learner.  Students will have opportunities to work in groups and independently.  Learning will be done in the classroom, on the computer and online.  Teachers will help students set and meet their goals.  Most sites offer basic computer training.

Call today to find the site closest to you 763-783-4870 or for more information visit

To get more information about either the BST or GRAD click here to go to the MDE 

Sample tests can be downloaded below and are provided by The Minnesota Department of Education and Pioneer Press Newspapers in Education

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