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We would like to thank those districts currently participating in the Minnesota School Food Buying Group (MSFBG). Your participation and commitments help us all to obtain competitive pricing directly from the manufacturers.

If your district is interested in participating in the Minnesota School Food Buying Group you have come to the right place. Please feel free to take a look at the information on this page. If you have any questions Kathy Sullivan would be happy to assist you. She can be reached at or by phone at 763-506-1307.

For general information please click on the links below:

A. About MSFBG 
B. Item Award and Acceptance Procedures 
C. FAQ's
D. Useful Links

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191.24 Kb 08/26/13 1. About the MN School Food Buying Group
pdf File Distributor Information & Links
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179.22 Kb 10/28/13 4. Useful Links
pdf File Joint_Purchasing_Agreement_Form.pdf
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9.47 Kb 06/04/13 6. Forms
pdf File MSFBG 2013-14 Calendar
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18.42 Kb 11/13/13 5. Calendar
pdf File MSFBG Newsletter 12-2013
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453.81 Kb 12/02/13 Misc.
pdf File MSFBG_Acceptance_Procedures.pdf
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82.15 Kb 06/04/13 2. MSFBG Acceptance Procedures
pdf File MSFBG_Frequently_Asked_Questions.pdf
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84.41 Kb 08/26/13 3. FAQ's
pdf File Useful Links
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173.99 Kb 10/28/13 4. Useful Links