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I serve as the Art Department Chair at Anoka High School and I teach Drawing I, II, III, Computer Art, Video Art, AP Studio Art, and the Online AP Art History Course.

I am an ardent believer that visual literacy is a critical component for all students to be able to function and thrive in what is an increasingly visually oriented world. By taking visual arts courses students will be able to develop essential skills that will allow them to be able to develop proficiency in the following areas:
  • skills in using a variety of visual media
  • ability to be able to communicate effectively using a visual language
  • creative problem solving skills
  • development of a personal voice
  • an understanding of the larger world in which we live
  • the ability to find connections between all areas of learning
  • using technology to enhance one's creative thinking skills
The following are some links to online sites that might prove to be of interest and are directly involved in art education.
Local Museums: 
Art Education Organizations: 

Arts Education Partnership 


Art Educators of Minnesota  


National Art Education Association 


National Endowment for the Arts 


Perpich Center for Arts Education


VSA Minnesota 


The Wallace Foundation 

Kevan Nitzberg
Art Teacher
Anoka High School
3939 - 7th Avenue
Anoka, MN  55303
Teaching Schedule:
   Tri 1
 Tri 2
 Tri 3
 Period 1
Computer Arts I, APStudioArt
Drawing I, APStudioArt 2D
Drawing I
 Period 2
Drawing I, APStudArtDraw
Drawing III
 Period 3
Drawing I, APStudArtDraw
 Period 4
Computer Arts I
Drawing II, AP StudArtDraw
Drawing II
 Period 5
Drawing I, APStudArtDraw
Video Arts I
Video Arts I