Spelling lists and schedules

  • The current spelling list can be viewed (then downloaded or printed) by selecting the Lesson/Week from the left navigation pane. The spelling list for the week will be available on Wednesday, when instruction begins; through Tuesday, when the test is given.
  • The district spelling schedules can be viewed (then downloaded or printed) by selecting the 'Spelling List Schedule' from the left navigation pane. 


How do I sign up to have the spelling lists emailed to me?
The district does not email spelling lists. You can access the lists from the district or school websites.

How can I get previous or future spelling lists?
The philosophy behind the spelling program is to not have children memorize a list of words but to teach strategies that help children spell.

Why do the tests include words that are NOT on the list?
These words are 'application' words. The strategies that are taught will help students decode and spell those words.

Why doesn't the list on-line match what my child is being taught in class?
The lists are posted based on a district calendar. If a teacher plans their curriculum differently you will need to contact the teacher for the spelling list.

What does the * mean on the grades 3, 4 and 5 spelling lists?
The asterisk (*) identifies words that a teacher would use if differentiating instruction for students not at grade level.

What does a 'number' after a word mean on the grades 3, 4 and 5 spelling lists?
The number indicates the number of pronunciations for the word (i.e., Used or ust, as in "I used the towel." or "I used to be able to dance.")

Why can't my child receive a mark of '4'?
All words, including the challenge words, in the list are at grade level.

Why aren't there any spelling lists for kindergarteners?
Kindergarteners do not have spelling lists.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the spelling curriculum?
You should direct any questions you have about spelling to your child's teacher.